Aice – ISN Negotiation Business Academy

AICE – ISN Negotiation Business Academy

Negotiation is a discipline aimed at conflict prevention, management and resolution in business settings. It is a practical, result-oriented and resource-saving method that can be readily applied.

AICE – ISN NEGOTIATION BUSINESS ACADEMY is a course of ADVANCED TRAINING on negotiation organized by Aice (Italian Association of Foreign Trade) and ISN (International School of Negotiation).

The Academy aims at providing skills, knowledge, techniques and, above all, a methodology, through the application of an innovative training model.

Professional negotiation does not only mean to learn the best practices of negotiation, but also to be constantly alert, practice active listening, be equipped with effective communication skills and be keen to problem solving and team building.

It also implies a good awareness of and ability to master emotions through emotional intelligence. Cross-cultural negotiation additionally entails the ability to reshape ideas and thoughts in a different language, while keeping unchanged the content to be conveyed. Linguistic empowerment is the tool to materialize this process.

All of these skills, for example, along with as many working areas related to negotiation, share the coaching approach that aims to accompany the individual in becoming aware of his/her abilities and tools that can be used to achieve goals.

AICE-ISN BUSINESS ACADEMY’s strength lies in real time team working on two fronts – NEGOTIATION and EMPOWERMENT – in order to develop the required practical skills for negotiation.

SIMONA GANDINI – Director of Empowerment ISN
ARIK STRULOVITZ – Scientific Director, Negotiator, Conflict and Crisis Management