Beside face-to-face training, the International School of Negotiation also offers ONE-ON-ONE consulting services.
Meetings on an individual basis with the client are aimed at assessing together specific requests and professional requirements so to provide support in defining the negotiation process through:
a feasibility study
identification of tactics (from WHAT to HOW)
case analysis and objectives definition
identification of the Partner’s profile in the negotiation
definition of leverages (physiological – rational – emotional)
management of the negotiation process
In this way the client can meet his objective:
move from Action → Reaction to Action → Analysis → Conclusion → Reaction ensuring Damage Control and/or Risk Evaluation.


ONE-ON-ONE consulting is also offered to our clients in the field of linguistic empowerment (preparation to negotiating in a foreign language, meetings, conference calls, project presentations…), interpersonal communication, corporate and business mediation.

Our ONE-TO-MANY consulting services are suitable for individuals managing resources in any professional sector and it is designed after a joint analysis with clients of their specific needs.

In-house training enables to devise the training activity and adapt it to specific requirements, time frame, organization and recipients.