Empowerment Team


Simona Gandini

Empowerment Director

After a scientific high school degree, she graduated in Political Sciences with a specialization in socio-political and statistical studies at the University of Milan.
Afterwards Simona Gandini supplemented her education with a Master degree of advanced specialization in Direction, Organization and Management of Personnel, where she focused in particular on subjects related to human resources in organizations, personnel selection and training.After a brief although meaningful experience in some companies, where she had the opportunity of exploring the topics of active listening and the Tomatis method (you can hear without listening; the Tomatis method stimulates the brain, therefore finetuned listening becomes a crucial component in enhancing personal development).

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In 2000, she joined Alenia Spazio (Finmeccanica Group) and she worked n the field of Personnel management focusing on medium-high ranking managers selection, career development and continuous learning planning.

In 2003 Simona turned to consulting in the framework of management training. She participated in the start up of some companies, including an employment agency, as a manager for personnel selection, training and organization and, in the same period, she cooperated with Cattolica University in Milan as trainer in Educational and Technical Training (IFTS) projects in the field of human resources.

In 2014 she established e-Network Milano srl, a service provider offering HR management and training.
She started from the traditional basics of empowerment and integrated them with PNL tools and theater improvisation, while constantly seeking new teaching methodologies to improve learning and soft skills.

Stress Management
Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
Team Building

Laughter Yoga
Experiential Training (Parkour)

Fabiola Viti

Empowerment Coordination and Development

Bilingual Italian-English speaker, Fabiola has graduated in Business Administration at the University of Westminster in London. She holds a Cambridge CELTA certificate and she is qualified for teaching English using the modern CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning).In her early career she worked in the UK in the Investment Bank Division of prestigious international banks and then she moved on to a sales position in a ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) multinational company, where she remained for ten years.

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Since 2014 Fabiola has been working as professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli in Como, which belongs to the IED network. There she leads programs of English language for special purposes for the young talents at the faculty of Visual Arts, Product Design, Fashion and Restoration. Working at the school, she was able to create a fruitful exchange and feed her passion for art and creativity.

Her life journey and the encounter with ISN has triggered her interest toward Negotiation, which she explored by studying, proof-reading and drafting educational materials for communication and English language training in negotiations.

The programs English for Negotiations (Communication English course for Negotiation) and English for Cross-Cultural Communication (English for Intercultural Communication) can be delivered in modular sessions or one-on-one format. They are addressed to executives and top managers who wish to strengthen their English language and communication skills to pursue not only corporate internationalization goals but also, more importantly, personal objectives like individual development and professional growth.

Christiaan Bekker

Linguistic Empowerment

Christiaan is South African and for the last 13 years he has worked teaching English as a second language (TEFL).

He can leverage from a broad multi-cultural heritage as he taught in Russia, Ukraine, Somalia, South Africa and Italy as well as an encompassing teaching experience including a variety of students, ranging from beginners to college level. Christiaan gained experience not only in preparing and leading language related activities, but also assisting NGOs in projects in Somalia and Kenya.

Over the years he has had the chance to explore and work in editing for an Ukraine local magazine on travels, in translation from Russian into English and proof-reading.

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After gathering some experience in Africa, in 2005 Christiaan started teaching to private and corporate customers in Russia first and later in Ukraine. He had the chance to work in educational projects for children by translating materials and voice acting for male characters.Until 2012 he trained and taught individuals and groups in various companies, including Siemens Ukraine, Raiffeisen Bank Investment Department, Oranta Insurance Group, Burda Publishing House, Mandry Travel Magazine.

He has also provided training to Directors at Hit FM and Oranta radio stations for 2 years and worked with Unian News Agency to organize English conversation courses for media specialists.
In the 7 years he spent in the Ukraine, Christiaan devoted his efforts to teaching English to groups in two hospitals where workers and children were treated.

At the end of 2012 he married an Italian woman and moved to Italy. For a year he taught at Canadian Kindergarten as English teacher for kids and assisted in implementing the syllabus.

From the end of 2013 Christiaan has been working with MPEC (My Personal English Coach) as a teacher, mainly in the business and corporate field, by developing one-on-one and group tailor-made courses for employees and managers, and customized workshops and English clubs for specific target learners. He works with customers like Allianz, PWC, Ilsole24ore providing, among other activities, training to give TV interviews and speak in conferences in English, and developing self confidence and specific personal characteristics.

Christiaan is a native speaker of English and Afrikaans, he has a good command of Russian and basic knowledge of Italian.

Cristiano Ghibaudo

Trainer – Executive Coach

Trainer and certified Executive Coach (PCC – Professional Certified Coach, ICF – International Coach Federation) with a degree in Educational Sciences, Cristiano has a long-standing record of management training, coaching, communication, orientation and team-work projects.He has designed and conducted training and business development programs for entrepreneurs, managers, top managers, executives, entry level staff, professionals, office and manual workers, educators, trainers, teachers and athletes using active methodologies and action learning. Cristiano has also cooperated with companies, universities and organizations of any type and size throughout Italy (including CDI Italia MBA –, Tec BOSCH and Escuela Europea de Coaching).

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He is the author of: “Sassi nello stagno” (Pebbles in a pond) published by EGEA, “Il libro del talento” (The book of talent) published by Sonda and Le rane che si credevano pesci (Frogs, who thought they were fish) published by Sperling & Kupfer and translated in different languages.Cristiano is the creator of ilmetodoLara® and a series of training programs to develop personal soft skills and enhance talent.

He is married, father of three children and a keen marathon runner.

» Details of the publication: “Sassi nello stagno” (Pebbles in a pond)

Marilde Motta

Corporate Communication Consultant

From 1978 to November 1985, she has been working in international companies and communications agencies with assignments in the planning and management areas. End-1985 she established with three partners AD PERSONAM®, a consulting unit in public relations.
Since 1982 she is columnist in some magazines having published more than 1,000 articles, besides she has written handbooks on the communications themes she teaches.
Since 1990, she teaches in seminars about communications (as for instance: brand management, trade-shows, on/offline press offices, events). She takes part in conference and round tables as speaker.
For further info: www.adpersonam.eu