Team ISN

Vittoria Poli

Learning and Development Director

Vittoria provides legal advice and assistance in matters related to civil law, with particular focus on family and juvenile law. She specialized at the Center for Studies and Research on Family and Juvenile Law and at UNI.RIMINI University with a theoretical and practical specialization course in family and juvenile law.

In addition Vittoria acquired specific competences in the framework of insurance contracts and international law cases with regard to product liability for Italian organizations operating in the U.S. market. She also interned at the “Pino & Associates” law firm in New York (legal representative of Generali Insurance Group).

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Civil mediator and trainer, in 2011 she was a lecturer at O.D.C.E.C. in Vasto, Voghera, Rimini, at the School of Specialization in assessment techniques of the Council of Lombardy for Technical Experts and Consultants of Milan, with which she organized and attended conferences and seminars on the introduction of civil mediation on the Italian legal system and the role of lawyers, accountants, consultants and technical experts.

Vittoria is a family mediator and founder of the non-profit association NoiCoMediamo, a cultural movement for peaceful and creative conflict management established in July 2013. In 2014 Vittoria, with a colleague lawyer Cesare Bulgheroni, took care of the design, organization and syllabus of the Master in Family Legal Mediation organized in collaboration with the Lawyer Association of Monza and accredited by A.I.Me.F.

In 2012 Vittoria Poli received her training on negotiation techniques and conflict resolution by Professor and lawyer Michael Tsur, international negotiator [founder and General Director of the Mediation & Conflict Resolution Institute of Jerusalem, Academic Partner of Harvard University, Hamiline University and Columbia University in the framework of PON project – Program on Negotiation].

Arik Strulovitz

Director of Studies and negotiator

Arik Strulovitz is a Master degree graduate in International Negotiation at Columbia University N.Y. and
he is part of Professor and lawyer Michael Tsur’s team for international negotiation in crisis, high risk and emergency situations. He has received Michael Tsur’s qualification as lecturer in Negotiation, Mediation and Train the Trainers courses, and he is a qualified trainer and overseeing negotiator in crisis negotiation processes for managers and professionals. Arik is also a qualified mediator at the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Institute in Jerusalem, Israel.

Professor and scientific Director of several workshops for managers training in multinational organizations from different industries, Arik additionally cooperates with major trade associations in the industrial, business and crafts sectors.

He is devoting particular attention to the subjects of internationalization and management of intercultural relations in business and trade. In particular Arik focuses on management in a chaotic environment, decision making in challenging and crisis situation, saving assets, improving contents and focusing on goals in commercial and business negotiations.

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He cooperates with Boards of Directors and HR managers as consultant for directors and organizations in sensitive internal and external business negotiations for mergers, acquisitions, generational shifts, trade unions negotiations and re-organizations.

Since March 2014 Arik has worked as professor in the Master’s program in Negotiation Techniques and Tools at the Alta Scuola di Formazione (Center for Higher Education) at the Cattolica University of Milan.

Since October 2014 he has been a Visiting Professor for the project “Negotiation in Mediation” at the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergamo.
In October 2014 he was Invited Professor at the University of Barcellona on professional competences to create consensus (Competències Professionals Per A La Construcció De Consens) (2014 – 2015).
Qualification awarded: Master Degree at Barcellona University (Universitat Barcellona).

Since January 2015 he has been an Associated Professor at SAFM Scuola di Alta Formazione al Management (Center for Higher Education in Management) in Turin at the MBA program Collège des Ingénieurs – Master in Management & Business Administration.

Arik has double Italian and Israeli citizenship, he is a graduate in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan and specialized in psychotherapy for drug addicted individuals.
Today Arik cooperates with the Department of Genetics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and he is particularly sensitive and committed to research on embryonic stem cells in the University labs.

Spoken languages:
Hebrew: mother tongue
Italian: advanced
English: advanced
Romanian: advanced
Arabic: intermediate
Arik also knows sign language as his parents are hearing impaired.

Arik has three daughters: Leanna (1984), Samira (1986), Keren (1989) and four grandchildren: Miriam (2012), Giacomo (2013), Noa (2016) and Edith (2017).
He lives in Milan, but he often travels abroad for work.

Simona Gandini

Empowerment Director

After a scientific high school degree, she graduated in Political Sciences with a specialization in socio-political and statistical studies at the University of Milan.
Afterwards Simona Gandini supplemented her education with a Master degree of advanced specialization in Direction, Organization and Management of Personnel, where she focused in particular on subjects related to human resources in organizations, personnel selection and training.

After a brief although meaningful experience in some companies, where she had the opportunity of exploring the topics of active listening and the Tomatis method (you can hear without listening; the Tomatis method stimulates the brain, therefore finetuned listening becomes a crucial component in enhancing personal development). In 2000, she joined Alenia Spazio (Finmeccanica Group) and she worked n the field of Personnel management focusing on medium-high ranking managers selection, career development and continuous learning planning.

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In 2003 Simona turned to consulting in the framework of management training. She participated in the start up of some companies, including an employment agency, as a manager for personnel selection, training and organization and, in the same period, she cooperated with Cattolica University in Milan as trainer in Educational and Technical Training (IFTS) projects in the field of human resources.

In 2014 she established e-Network Milano srl, a service provider offering HR management and training.
She started from the traditional basics of empowerment and integrated them with PNL tools and theater improvisation, while constantly seeking new teaching methodologies to improve learning and soft skills.

Stress Management
Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
Team Building

Laughter Yoga
Experiential Training (Parkour)