The founding partners

The International School of Negotiation was founded by three women with different personal, social and professional background. Their main purpose consisted in establishing a permanent School with international perspective to assist professionals and organizations in tackling the complexity of today’s world.
Life and professional experiences had lead the founding partners to negotiate on a daily basis using only their personal abilities, instinct and urge to juggle multiple work and family commitments.
They realized that social changes, globalization and the need for an interdisciplinary approach in professional settings require to have specific competences and negotiation skills, which can no longer be the mere product of life experiences.
However, such abilities can be acquired through a practical and hands-on approach to negotiation by learning a simple and effective method that can be readily implemented, rather than simply relying on theoretical knowledge.
According to the founders, the required cultural change that is taking place in our country for a new way to manage and resolve conflicts should not exclude the pragmatic approach to the subject. This approach is typically found in Anglo-Saxon cultures. In fact the study of negotiation springs from the works of a team of researchers from Harvard University. This subject will be explored within the School by a group of expert professional negotiators coming from four continents, who have been working for over twenty years in the field and cooperating actively to research and update negotiation methods and techniques.


Elena Grassi


Elena is a psychologist with clinical specialization, enrolled in the Register of professional psychologists of the Lombardy Region under section 03/6309. She has a private practice with offices in Cermenate (Como).

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Her activity encompasses clinical psychology, parent coaching, clinical work with children, teenagers and adults, rehabilitation of memory disorders and DSA, leading training groups and support groups for parents.

Since 2013 Elena Grassi has been a member of the non-profit association NoiCoMediamo, a cultural movement for peaceful and creative conflict management.
In the past she cooperated with the M.B. Corno Foundation on eating disorders.

Vittoria Poli

Learning and Development Director

Vittoria provides legal advice and assistance in matters related to civil law, with particular focus on family and juvenile law. She specialized at the Center for Studies and Research on Family and Juvenile Law and at UNI.RIMINI University with a theoretical and practical specialization course in family and juvenile law.

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In addition Vittoria acquired specific competences in the framework of insurance contracts and international law cases with regard to product liability for Italian organizations operating in the U.S. market. She also interned at the “Pino & Associates” law firm in New York (legal representative of Generali Insurance Group).

Civil mediator and trainer, in 2011 she was a lecturer at O.D.C.E.C. in Vasto, Voghera, Rimini, at the School of Specialization in assessment techniques of the Council of Lombardy for Technical Experts and Consultants of Milan, with which she organized and attended conferences and seminars on the introduction of civil mediation on the Italian legal system and the role of lawyers, accountants, consultants and technical experts.

Vittoria is a family mediator and founder of the non-profit association NoiCoMediamo, a cultural movement for peaceful and creative conflict management established in July 2013. In 2014 Vittoria, with a colleague lawyer Cesare Bulgheroni, took care of the design, organization and syllabus of the Master in Family Legal Mediation organized in collaboration with the Lawyer Association of Monza and accredited by A.I.Me.F.

In 2012 Vittoria Poli received her training on negotiation techniques and conflict resolution by Professor and lawyer Michael Tsur, international negotiator [founder and General Director of the Mediation & Conflict Resolution Institute of Jerusalem, Academic Partner of Harvard University, Hamiline University and Columbia University in the framework of PON project – Program on Negotiation].

Gianna Todisco

Sole Administrator

Gianna has devoted her professional career to entrepreneurship and made her competences available to companies to enhance development and reach economically significant targets at national and international level.

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n 1985 she established a sales promotion agency Impegno S.r.l. in Milan and seized the moment of the growing promotional and advertising market. The following year the agency had already landed a conspicuous number of contracts and customers. So Gianna accepted an interesting offer for acquisition by Vega 3 S.r.l., a leading organization in gadget importing and merchandising for the promotional sector.


After the deal she continued working in Vega 3, exploring new markets and creating business opportunities.
In the period 1986-1993 in Vega 3, Gianna succeeded in creating a network of customers including leading industrial companies and Italian large-scale retailers, especially in the food and consumer goods sectors.

In 1993 she took a further step in her professional career and joined Mad S.r.l., an agency with headquarters in Cantù operating in packaging and graphic design. At Mad S.r.l. Gianna was responsible for developing new business in Italy and overseas and she was also the Head of Mad’s international branch with legal office in Key West, Florida, USA.
In that period Gianna could gather a deep understanding of the American market, both in the industrial sector and large-scale retailing.

Finally, in 1998, Gianna went back to being an entrepreneur – she set up her own company Gianna Todisco Advertising and Marketing Research, Inc. with headquarters in Key West, Florida and she also worked as General Director of Florida Advertising, Inc., located in Key West. In both organizations Gianna dealt with market research for food and non-food consumer goods, acting as a link between the Italian and the U.S. markets.
Her fluency in English allowed her to manage new business on international markets.