The School


The school was founded to gather a team of national and international professionals, specialized in negotiation techniques and strategic communication in crisis situations aiming to offer unique and specialized training in terms of professionalism and hands-on activities, working method and tailor-made preparation.

School aims at providing learners with an educational model and a training method so that they can acquire:

  • the ability of negotiating professionally;
  • the competences to analyze, recognize, prepare and conduct complex negotiations.

The tangible use of training is guaranteed by experienced professionals, who work regularly with the School, and gathered their knowledge in over twenty years of conflict management and resolution and comparative studies on the subject. Focus is placed on the teaching method rather than on the taught subject: this is what makes the real difference.

The School premises include classrooms with different size and capacity to meet the needs of Customers that are not equipped with their own space for training courses.

The School defines and schedules training according to Customer’s requests.


The International School of Negotiation provides consulting services to individuals managing resources in any professional field and industry. The accurate assessment of the customer’s specific needs ensures the creation of customized training, including other training bodies and management schools.


“Developing the skills to negotiate professionally”

Providing participants with the fundamentals and essential knowledge to acquire skills and abilities for professional negotiation.


  • The training program enables to acquire methods, knowledge and practical tools to manage different types of negotiation.
  • It trains for professional negotiation in crisis management and consulting.
  • It teaches how to train and lead a negotiation team.
  • It explores the methodologies to manage conflict escalation.


The training program is addressed to individuals with any education background, who manage resources in their specific professional fields and wish to specialize in conducting negotiations or leading others in negotiation processes.