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Negotiation is an interpersonal decision-making process that is triggered when, in order to achieve one's goals, it is necessary to reach an agreement with one or more partners with whom one has both common and opposing interests.
It is essential to reach an outcome that is satisfactory to all parties, avoiding the triggering of conflict and the consequent breakdown of relations.

We train professional capabilities of negotiating methodically and skillfully.

We enhance individual skills through targeted trainings.

We build effective negotiation strategies, working alongside clients step by step.

Anyone can negotiate, but only a few do it professionally.

Our model

The School of Negotiation offers a training model and practical method that enables:


Strengthen your negotiation skills and informed communication skills for more effective interpersonal relationships.


Learn how to manage negotiation processes efficiently, both within an organization and with Clients, at any level of complexity.


Acquire the skills to turn conflict into opportunities for change and growth.


Negotiating professionally means generating profit by optimizing available resources.


Empowering People is the purpose of all ISN activities. We believe in the power of improving relationships and communication, creating a virtuous circle in which skills and solutions learned are transferred from one person to another. 
We pay special attention to future generations and young entrepreneurs, professionals and managers.

Our first level University Master's Degree in Legal & Business Negotiation prepares the new professional figure to plan, organize and conduct negotiations, applying analytical and psychological tools to effectively manage negotiations in different contexts and bargaining styles, also using new technologies (Online and Artificial Intelligence Negotiations).

Interdisciplinary Training for Professional Negotiators

We want to become an innovative reference point in the field of professional training, didactic learning tools, constant measurement of training processes and plans.

We work in partnership with Institutions, organizations, universities, research centers and innovative start-ups on the national and international market, structuring integrated work plans.

We want to be a place of inspiration and comparison (ISN LABottega dell'Arte delle Human & Life Abilities), where we share and transfer practical experience in the field, generate know-how, anticipate changes to improve the professional working approach, in a conscious and concrete way.

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