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The International School of Negotiation (ISN),  founded in 2015 by Vittoria Poli (lawyer-family mediator), Elena Grassi (psychologist) and Giovanna Todisco (marketing and communication expert), supports professionals and companies in dealing with the complexity of today's reality by teaching a simple and effective method for negotiation.

In nearly ten years, ISN has grown and evolved, enriching the faculty, expanding course content, forging new partnerships, and establishing a physical laboratory for negotiation training (LAB).
The methodology, developed since its founding and crystallized in the ISN model, remains a key pillar, proving effective in transferring immediate skills for autonomous negotiation management.



We prepare people to effectively manage negotiation processes to foster the growth, efficiency and sustainability of the organizations to which they belong, reducing failure through the acquisition of a suitable method, techniques and tools.


To spread negotiation and Human and Life Abilities as a tool for collaborative relationships, maieutic dialogue and change in personal and professional evolution.

We build awareness that only constant and regular optimization work over time allows for the enhancement of Human Capital and represents the true innovation and wealth of the third millennium, especially in the face of the advent of AI.


Empowering People is the main purpose of ISN, improving relationships and communication to create a virtuous circle of knowledge transfer. Each individual becomes an agent of change, 
contributing intellect and creativity.
ISN is also committed to supporting the growth of the talents of the younger generation, and the Youth Group of Research and Study operates for this purpose.



ISN respects cultural and linguistic diversity, freedom of expression and the ways in which it manifests itself and adapts its courses to each person's identity, valuing uniqueness.


ISN professionals share knowledge and experience with passion, integrating with the audience to listen and learn.


ISN is committed to updating and deepening, sharing international research and studies to offer the best solutions.

Does negotiation touch rationality, sensibility and...cuisine?

A multicultural approach, individual sensoriality and negotiation  can be found in “negotiation at the informal tables.”

“Nourishing negotiation” in fact moves from the idea that negotiation, an essential skill in today's society, is “at the heart of human interaction” (Stuart Diamond) and food is instrumental in improving relationships and communicative exchange.The professional negotiator, like a good kitchen chef, is able to make sense of contrasts and harness them to enhance each individual ingredient, intelligently bringing different personalities, cultures and contexts into dialogue so as to reach productive long-term agreements, turning conflicts into opportunities for personal and professional growth.


“If you want to get there first, run alone. If you want to go far, walk together.”

Old Masai proverb

Vittoria Poli

ISN, Lawyer, Co-founder and Partner, Director of Development and Training, ISN Training Method©

Giovanna Todisco

ISN co-founder, Sole Director, Director of External Relations

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Mario Cavolo

Jr Partner, ISN LAB team leader " Youth Group of Research and Study "

Filippo Martini

Training and Project Strategist ISN LAB " Youth Group of Research and Study "

DSC_0312 mod.JPG

Giovanna Laforgia

Lawyer, ISN Educational Coordination Manager


Jack Cambria

ISN Negotiation Team Leader, former Commander Detective Squad Commanding Officer Hostage Negotiation Team NYPD (U.S.A.),
Trainer, Lecture in Negotiation of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.


Giuseppe Cibelli

Full Professor and Director of the Chair of Physiology Department of Clinical Medicine - University of Foggia

giuseppe cibelli photo.jpeg

Francesca Pedrazza Gorlero

Screenwriter and Director
Producer for Symbio Studios
Trainer and Video Lab Project

Giacomo Formigari Bernardelli

Filmmaker Lab Project

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