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new skills = new professional perspectives

The First Level University Master's Degree “Legal & Business Negotiation” prepares the new professional figure to plan, organize and conduct negotiations, applying analytical and psychological tools to effectively manage negotiations in different contexts and bargaining styles, also using new technologies (online and artificial intelligence negotiations).

Fundamentals and Models of Cooperative Relations and Professional Negotiation

Life is a continuous negotiation. We negotiate careers, finances, reputations, and emotional lives without having specific training and consider that in contemporary reality the negotiation approach has taken on increasingly complex and multidisciplinary connotations. Methodological profiles are woven with economic-behavioral and psychological-communicative ones that, beyond personal intuition and experience, impose a specific course of study.

The strategic use of negotiation

It is not what is taught, but how it is taught that makes the difference. ISN offers concrete training thanks to the experience of professionals who collaborate with ISN on a permanent basis, sharing their professional and personal experiences, gained in the field for more than two decades in managing and resolving all kinds of conflicts.

Not just negotiation…

“Freedom comes from awareness, awareness comes from knowledge, knowledge comes (also) from information, study and reading without prejudice.”


Stefano Nasetti author “The dark side of the moon”

Tailor Made

We design, together with clients, tailor-made courses to meet specific needs. Training is directed at people according to the role they hold and the issues that need to be addressed, but also as a preventive and forward-looking action to accompany progressive change. We enhance the skills each person has through exercises and direct classroom involvement; each meeting becomes a unique and unrepeatable growth process (we actively work together with the participants).
We organize residential course-labs with a weekend formula at our headquarters with overnight stays in affiliated facilities and dinner in Franciacorta wineries.
In-house training allows us to study the training by adapting it to specific needs, timing, organization and recipients.


knownig HOW TO DO

The alphabet of communication and emotions

A journey of knowledge and awareness about being unique, similar, different and equal, moving from conflict to cooperation, between relationships, personalities, languages and power dynamics. A way to delve into relational tangles, intervene in the right way and at the right time, change scripts and be better with ourselves and others.

The mirror to see ourselves in relation to each other and the world around us, including through the art of theater: how we communicate, how we listen or do not listen, how our emotions, our prejudices, our personality condition us in approaching or distancing ourselves from the other, attributing responsibility for our every action or reaction.



“We must become the change we want to see.”

M. Gandhi


Making it possible for Clients to perform positively in the long run by supporting them in defining negotiation dynamics, through: case analysis and evaluation of objectives identification of the Negotiating Partner's profile and levers (physiological-rational-emotional) feasibility study management of the negotiation.

One-to-one consulting is also offered to our Clients in the areas of linguistic empowerment (preparation for negotiation in foreign languages, meetings, conference calls, project presentations, etc.), interpersonal communication, corporate and commercial mediation.

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