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The International School of Negotiation offers its consultancy to prepare those who manage resources in any field and sector of work, with any educational background, who wish to specialize, in leading and/or guiding others in negotiation processes.

The True Power of Negotiation lies in our Human & Life Abilities


We prepare our participants not only to negotiate, but also to develop the Human & Life Abilities, skills that go beyond simple soft skills. Our model is constantly updated with input from a variety of disciplines, from neuroscience to psychology, from economics to linguistics and artificial intelligence, to ensure both personal and professional well-being and growth.

We work in partnership with Training Institutions and Management Schools.

Upon request, in collaboration with one of our partners, we will also consider the possibility of using interprofessional funds to finance the training courses, allowing us to recover, in part or in full, economic investment incurred.

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knowing HOW TO DO


Business Negotiation Club

by ISN

“When collaborating, one person's intellectual achievements stimulate
the passion and enthusiasm of others.”

Alexander Von Humboldt


We engage groups of organizations, companies, and professionals to share a unique mix of educational and networking opportunities to achieve better results, in every business context, in terms of time, economic value, and personal relationships

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