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Of one's knowledge, skills and experience (rational aspects) of one's feeling and being 
(emotional, character and cultural aspects)

Acting out skills (one's Human & Life Abilities = hard + soft skills) correctly and effectively
= knowing HOW TO DO
Sharing experiences by putting knowledge, skills and abilities at the service of others and the group

LABottega offers a unique approach to one-to-one training and consulting, inspired by the ancient Humanistic Academies and Renaissance Workshops. An integrated model that aims to develop the Other's self-awareness as well as negotiation strategies, embracing the concepts of “knowing,” “knowing how to do,” and “knowing how to transfer.” The goal is to form complete and whole individuals capable of meeting professional and personal challenges with the wisdom of a philosopher and the practical skill of a craftsman.

ISN LAB Youth Talent “Forge”

The Youth Group of Research and Study is dedicated to the development of methodology, teaching techniques and counseling in the Art of Cooperative Relationship and Professional Negotiation. It is a dynamic environment where young students, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals from various fields meet to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical experience, combining humanistic culture with science and technology.


Following the learning model of Renaissance artisan workshops, participants train through study, exercise, observation and practice, guided by the example and experiences of Masters in different fields (negotiators, psycho-neuro-business-legal advisors, counselors, coaches).


The group provides an opportunity to hone one's skills and acquire new ones, while also promoting self-awareness and constructive comparison with others.

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