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Mario Cavolo

In my course of study, I have always tried to position myself as a curious observer of society in its global dimension, at first with the tools of political and moral philosophy, and then getting closer to international relations. During this path I had the opportunity to try my hand at simulations of multilateral international negotiations, especially participating in the Planet Needs Youth program and being one of the forty ISPI G20 Global Ambassadors in 2021, which gave me the chance to grasp the importance of dialogue and the ability to build consensus around shared solutions. In all of this, negotiation skills are indispensable, both for policymakers and as a tool in the service of the informed citizen who wants to try to understand current events through a different lens and grasp their different nuances.

Today, I am a student in the Master's program in International and Development Studies with a specialization in Environment and Sustainability at the Geneva Graduate Institute, where I draw inspiration from the intellectually stimulating and cosmopolitan environment of the Genève internationale, I also study EU Policy-Making at the Brussels School of Governance.

Building on these experiences, I seek to offer, with the ISN Research and Study Youth Group team and the support of experts, food for thought, insights and learning opportunities for young students to contribute to the collective mission of forming the ethical, competent leadership based on a “culture of dialogue” necessary to effectively address the global challenges posed by climate change, new technologies and the lack of trust in international cooperation.

Michela Golia


After graduating with a degree in Modern Humanities, I have been working in the field of linguistics for almost ten years: specifically, I prepare-especially from a communicative point of view-students who need to present themselves to the corporate and cultural world in another language than their native one.
The question of language is a key issue in negotiation, which involves effective interchange on several levels: the content, of course, but also the form, which assumes a pivotal role in the dissemination of the message.

The analysis of language, language and the way of approaching dialogue are thus the three points of interest in my work for ISN.
The goal is to get people talking by conveying linguistic competence, as well as solid content: speech has the poietic power par excellence, so I will program viable paths for those who face important and official conversations.

My numerous experiences abroad, studies in contemporary literature followed by corresponding publications in various national journals, and continuous research in the field of language in the most diverse fields-from sports to finance, for example-will accompany me in programmatic drafting in order to be able to achieve the best possible result for each of my students.

Filippo Martini

photo FILIPPO CORSO.jpeg

Over the years I have tried to channel my curiosity and passion for reading toward finding tools that would allow me to better understand the modern context. The goal was to hone the ability to analyze the political, labor market and social relations context, starting from an approach that would enhance and capitalize on my legal background, yet not be constrained by it.

This search led me to the discovery of negotiation, in which I found a way to analyze and understand reality, as well as relate to it, in an effective and efficient way.
I decided to get involved with a project run by a mediation agency and the University of Ferrara, first as a participant, then working alongside the project's mediator trainers in training law students.

I decided to combine practical and theoretical knowledge by presenting a project of my own, in which I accompany students on a path where they learn the basics of negotiation and mediation, and master them not only from a theoretical point of view, but also from a practical point of view, with a workshop approach that has so far yielded excellent results.

When I met Ia SN, I was looking for high-level training to continue my personal and professional growth.
Collaborating with the ISN Lab - Youth Research and Study Group for me is an achievement, first of all because of the shared approach of integrative negotiation, which puts into practice on a daily basis what we teach in the classroom to students and professionals.

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